Indigenous Students

ITP - Tutor Registration Form


A) Please read the Nura Gili Tutor and Student Guide before completing this application.

B) ITP tuition must not beĀ carried out by the stydent's academic coordinator, course lecturer or tutor.

The main objective of an ITP tutor is to provide supplementary tuition support for approved Indigenous students under the Indigenous Tuition Program.

This involves:

  • Working with the student to develop a work plan of what they want to achieve during tuition.
  • Meeting with students regularly for the allocated hours of tuition for tutoring sessions in a mutually agreed upon location at UNSW.
  • Providing student progress reports and feedback to Nura Gili staff.

Personal Details


Details of Education/ Work Experience

If Yes, please note your current enrolment details:

Please select your highest education qualifications and provide further details:

maximum of 150 words

Tuition Details

Please note: a maximum of two hours tuition per course per student/ group is allowed each week of semester.

a. Please read the Nura Gili Tutor and Student Guide.
b. ITP tuition must not be carried out by the student's academic coordinator, course lecturer or tutor.
c. You must have achieved at least a credit result for the course you are willing to tutor; courses in the field of Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Computing, Business and Built Environment must have at least a distinction average.
d. You must not be receiving, or have received, ITP tuition in the course area you are applying to tutor in.
e. An Academic Support Officer will be in contact with you if your application progresses to the next stage.

Please list the courses you are willing and able to tutor.

Please provide the following for each course - Course Code and Course Name, e.g. ATSI 1011 Indigenous Australia

For non-UNSW graduates please consult the UNSW Handbook to find equivalent courses in your subejct area where you achieved at least a creadit (65+).

If you are unsure of the course details please check the UNSW Handbook.

If your documents exceed the 10MB size limit can you please email your document to