Indigenous Students

UNSW Indigenous Admission Scheme Application

UNSW Indigenous Admission Scheme Application



You cannot save this form therefore please ensure you have all relevant information before completing.



If you are providing copies of original documents, they will need to be certified by an authorised certification officer (e.g. Justice of the Peace, Police Officer, Solicitor etc.). Please visit Certification and translation of documents for further information on document certification.


How to complete your application:

  • Complete the Online Application Form.
  • Attach relevant documentation to support your application. REMINDER: All your supporting documentation, including each page needs to be certified by an authorised certification officer (e.g. justice of peace, police officer, solicitor etc.).
  • For recent school leavers and anyone who completed school between 2015 to 2018: You will need to supply certified copies of your Year 11 & 12 school reports; transcripts of any other studies/courses undertaken; and any other awards or achievements such as work experience, extra curricula activities etc. that may assist your application.
  • For applicants who completed school in 2017 & 2018: You will need to supply certified copies of final school year reports and details of course(s), if recent; a CV/Resume detailing work experience and education or training undertaken since leaving school; and anything else that can support your application.
  • For all applicants: Attach a certified copy of evidence of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent. Please refer to Nura Gili’s Confirmation of Aboriginality policy for further information.

If you cannot provide an official Confirmation of Aboriginality, please see some examples below of evidence to attach with your statutory declaration:

  • Letter from school declaring you Identify as being Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
  • Proof of ABSTUDY
  • Copy of Parent/s Confirmation of Aboriginality with Copy of your birth certificate that shows they are your parent

If you require further clarification about your Confirmation of Aboriginality please contact Nura Gili.


If you have any questions about the application please contact Nura Gili on 02 9385 3805.


Section 1: Personal Details

Section 2: UAC Application Details

Your UNSW Program Preferences - Please list the UAC Course Code (e.g. 422000) and UAC Course Title (e.g. B Arts) :

Preference 1:
Preference 2:
Preference 3:
Preference 4:
Preference 5:

Section 3: Studies - Certificates, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Degree etc.

Please list any high schooling certificates, training or qualifications you have attempted (e.g. TAFE studies, university courses, professional development certificates)

School/TAFE/ Educational Institution 1

School/TAFE/ Educational Institution 2

School/TAFE/ Educational Institution 3

School/TAFE/ Educational Institution 4

Section 4: Professional Experience

Please list your work experience history. References from organisations that are relevant to the program/s you wish to study would support your application. If you prefer, you can provide this information in an attached CV or Resume.
Employer/ Organisation 1

Employer/ Organisation 2

Employer/ Organisation 3

Section 5: Personal Statement

Please write a personal statement about your motivation and decision to study in the program/s for which you have applied. There is no set way to do this. However, being clear and honest about any personal, educational, work, or community interests which have shaped your decision to study will assist us to understand you and your educational aspirations and goals and how these link to your preferred program/s. It is also quite acceptable to express any of your uncertainties about coming to UNSW to study, as this will help us to provide guidance and information if needed in the interview process. Minimum of 300 words required.

Section 6: Attachments

Please ensure you attach all required documentation and that all documentation has been certified by a Justice of the Peace or equivalent.

Section 7: Additional Information

*SEADU assists students with a disability, health or learning difficulties, carer's responsibilities, facing discrimination or harassment and/ or residing regionally or remotely while attending UNSW. See for more information.

Section 8: Checklist


For further information about UNSW and UAC please see:

Enquiries: Nura Gili (02) 9385 3805  or 

Nura Gili website:

UNSW Future Students website:

Universities Admissions Centre website:


Section 8: Declaration

I am an Australian Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander person and I have read the details of the UNSW INDIGENOUS ADMISSION SCHEME. I acknowledge that I must provide certified copies of my confirmation of Aboriginality and educational results with this application.

Please type your full Name