Nura Gili Indigenous Employment

Nura Gili Indigenous Programs Unit works to assist UNSW in reaching it's commitment to increasing the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders employed at UNSW, including assisting current students to enter into employment related to their studies.

Our aim is to increase the number of Indigenous students accessing Nura Gili programs which will assist in creating capacity and pathways for professional employment and to develop a supportive and inclusive environment to retain Indigenous staff and provide professional development opportunities within Nura Gili.

Current Job vacancies available at Nura Gili:

There are currently no vacancies available at Nura Gili.


Current roles available at Nura Gili for UNSW Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and Alumni:



The 2018 UNSW Indigenous Preparatory Program will run from Tuesday November 20 to Wednesday December 12. The role of a program Supervisor is to be the first point of contact for the participants should any issues arise. Supervisors must also be available to assist students with enquiries regarding UNSW courses; scholarship and accommodation applications and general academic tasks; as well as being available just to give students encouragement and support throughout the program, whilst keeping them in line with the rules of the program.

Night Supervisors are required to stay overnight at New College with the students and will be working on a four-night-on, four-night-off roster. During rostered shifts, Night Supervisors are not permitted to engage in any other work during the day such as internships, cadetships or other casual employment. Night Supervisor hours are 5pm to 10pm and 7am to 9am.

Weekend Day Supervisor hours are from 9am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday.


Tutors are required for the following areas: Business, Education, Law, Medicine, Social Work. Tutoring takes place from 7pm to 9pm (this time can be negotiated between tutor and group) twice per week during the program. It is the tutor’s responsibility to arrange venues for tutoring and to ensure all students attend. If additional hours are required (eg around exam time) tutors may contact Nura Gili regarding this, but generally tutors will be expected to provide 14 hours of academic support over the course of the program.

To be eligible to apply, applicants must:

  • have a current Working with Children Clearance
  • be at GOOD academic standing
  • have worked as a Supervisor in at least one other Nura Gili program before (this is not applicable to tutors)
  • not engage in any other employment during the day, if rostered on as a Night Supervisor
  • have participated in the Pre Programs prior to commencing studying at UNSW (Tutors only) 



For info on roles currently available for students currently studying within UNSW please visit UNSW Careers and Employment.

For info on current positions available within UNSW (Academic and Professional) please visit UNSW HR's Jobs@UNSW.